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Frosted Blue
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Jar Pop, the "world's easiest jar opener" eliminates twisting and grapping, just a gentle lift pops the vacuum so lids spin free and stay resealable.

Why is JarPop so revolutionary?
Other jar openers give you ways to apply more twisting force to wrestle a jar open. JarPop, however, completely eliminates the need for force and twisting. By popping the vacuum with one gentle lift, JarPop ends the wrestling match before it begins !

Why are jar lids so hard to open?
Jar lids stick tight because the vacuum inside the jar holds the lid so tightly against the glass. Twisting the lids off is often impossible because of this vacuum. Also, twisting requires great strength and a complex range of motions-- gripping wide lids, holding the glass jar, squeezing, and exerting twisting torque. It stresses every joint in the hands, fingers, wrists, elbows and parts of the arms and shoulders.

How does JarPop open jars?
JarPop changes the whole equation. JarPop pops the vacuum so lids freely off. With just a gentle lift, (no twisting required) JarPop flexes the lid just enough to break the vacuum seal. Air rushes into the jar with a "pop" sound and, voila-- the lid is free to spin off easily. No twisting, no gripping, no wrestling. It's so easy, a four-year-old child can open the toughest jelly jars. It's even fun to use!

Who Invented JarPop?
JarPop was invented in Europe by a Danish engineer whose mother had arthritis and was struggling with jars in her kitchen. JarPop has been awarded 2 United States Patents and has been patented in many other countries around the world. JarPop has won numerous design awards and contests including the prestigious Danish Design Council award for excellence. JarPop has been top-rated by dozens of national publications and consumer reporting services.

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